Manual BCA-N

Manual BCA-N

The BCA-N is a digital navigator that contains every BCA-I subdivided in the horizontal strips. Entering the BCA-N all the strips are visible, scrolling down means scrolling through all the BCA-I’s in random sequence. 

The border, the mixed dotted line, is one continuous vertical line that crosses all the strips and maps indicating the specific location of the BCA. 

In the left corner at the bottom of the screen the button ‘Dashboard’ appears. If you click on it a dashboard pops up with, among other elements, a Filter System, a Border Alignment- and a Zoom option. 

  • The Filter System contains all the themes that are addressed in the strips. By clicking on a filter, strips are removed or added and thus the selection of strips that are visible changes. Besides filtering the themes there is also the possibility to filter on location. All the locations where BCA’s have been conducted are added to the Filter System. 

    The final map gets built up by the themes and locations that are relevant for the map reader relating to the border experiences. The possibility to download or to print the filtered selection is just one button away. Press and that is what is going to happen. 
  • The Border Alignment and the Zoom sliders improve the readability of the selected strips on screen. It is possible to move the strips collectively to the left or right and it is also possible to zoom in to see the details of the drawings better and to zoom out to have an overview of the selection that has been made. 
  • The last button is the reset button. This neutralises the Filter System and provides for a fresh start
  • Clicking on the ‘Dashboard’ button makes it disappear to have a full-screen view on the strips and the composed map.