June 5-7 & July 3-5, 2019

RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Architecture

Tutors: Marlies Vermeulen (Institute of Cartopology), Remy Kroese (Dear Hunter, collaborator in the Border Encyclopedia project), Theo Vantomme (collaborator in the Border Encyclopedia project), Martine de Rooij (researcher in craft and artistic research methods),  Carolin Stapenhorst (Jun. Prof. RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Architecture)

Aachen, a calm, cozy and historical place embedded in green surroundings, hardly perceivable as the biggest city within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine with one of the largest technical universities of Europe. As it lies on walking distance from the Three-country point, the challenge for this BCA workshop wasn’t complicated to think of for us, with three borders at hand: where and how are these borders being perceived, both in the forested areas as in the more urbanized surroundings of the Three-country point?

In six days, students of the Faculty of Architecture got to know us, the project and the area of the Three-country point like the back of their hand. Because this was the first workshop in which the BCA-I was used, the experiences of the participants with the BCA-I were also taken in account: besides discussions on the fieldwork, findings and representations, the participants also were of great help in improving the BCA-I. After each day of filling in a BCA-I, the BCA-I itself was discussed, modified and improved to be used for the day after. We could not be happier with the meticulous precision and straightforward working ethos of these motivated students.