This part, Process, elaborates on the making-of. It tries to give an insight into the trajectory taken over the roughly two years of this project. It highlights high ups and low downs, transparent and honest about the setting up and execution of this artistic research project. The ‘Timeline’ puts the whole research process in chronological order and makes it possible to relate actions to each other. There is an elaborated description of the ‘Expert meeting’ as it is a turning point in the research. ‘Self-calibration till BCA-I’ and ‘Towards a BCA-I’ are about the steps taken towards the Border Crossing Act-Instrument (BCA-I), a drawing chart that guides the user through the process of drawing borders alternatively. The ‘BCA-I Archive’ contains all the trials and errors but also all the BCA-I’s that are used in the BCA-Navigator (BCA-N). ‘Towards the BCA-N’ explains why and how the alternative border representations become valuable after reshuffling them. 

Besides descriptions of the steps taken to proceed in the project, this part also elaborates on how. In ‘Studios’ the different collaborations with students are shown and ‘Moments of hope for the artistic researcher’ highlights the impact of doing artistic research on both researchers and artists.